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Northern Suburbs Bee Removal

Areas Covered For Bee Swarm Removal are : Northern Suburbs Vic

Wallan, Kilmore, Beveridge,Wandong,Seymour,Broadford,Romsey,Lancefeild, Whittlesea,Mernda

All Bee Nest Removal will be quoted over the phone , considering location and degree of difficulty.

A bee nest is when a swarm moves into a wall of a house or some other cavity, typically they are harder to remove,therefore require more time and effort, which in turn means they will cost more to remove.

The earlier you can contact a beekeeper to remove the swarm, the less chance that they will move into a cavity in your wall etc.

Call Neil on 0422 756 265 and tell us a little about where the swarm is, ie: on or in a tree, in your home etc we can give you a better idea of the cost, Please leave a message if i dont answer and i will call you back.


The money we charge covers our time and also helps us with the cost of providing a new hive for the bees we collect, which comprises a super lid, base & 8 frames which costs around $150 this does not include fuel for travel or our time , so in a way, basically you are sponsoring a hive, and doing your bit to help save the bees and subsequently our environment.

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